4 Must Know Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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November 30, 2016
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4 Must Know Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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These days most people are walking around with some sort of mobile device to surf the web, from smart phones to tablets, they are connected while on the go. Despite this, many businesses still don’t have a mobile presence or have their websites mobile optimized.

A recent survey found that over 60% of Americans would leave a website immediately if they were on a mobile device and the website wasn’t mobile optimized.

The question isn’t if you should use mobile marketing, but how?

1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Make sure your website is mobile optimized (something RPM Marketing can easily do for you). The goal is to create a great mobile experience for your customer. For example, using a responsive design, where the layout of the web page fits the mobile device, enhances your customer’s experience.

2. Keep it Simple

Once you decide to mobile optimize your business web site keep the mobile page layouts simple and easy to navigate. If you are using an app to enhance your customer’s mobile experience keep any calls to action simple. For example, using a simple app is easier to download and quicker than something complex.

People have short attention spans. Heard of the 8 minute rule? If it takes them more than 8 minutes to take advantage of an offer, or sign up for a service, they are gone!

3. Texting is a Fragile Art

Texting potential customers can be a useful sales tool if done right. It is a personal interruption, so make it worth their while. Offer call to action deals such as ‘Only 20 remaining in stock’ or ‘for a limited time.’

These texts could also be about a new product or a helpful service you offer. Just try to limit your texts to twice a month at first. Give your customers an option of signing up to receive texts on special offers and discounts.

Reward them and make them feel special.

4. Mobile Social Media

To further the effectiveness of mobile marketing use it in cooperation with social media. According to Compuware two-thirds of people view Facebook via mobile devices. You can increase the effectiveness of your mobile marketing plan by being connected with social media on a real time aspect.

Provide special offers for those that ‘share’ or ‘like’ your business profile.

Or invite people to get together through your brand for some sort of online forum.

Overall, when it comes to mobile marketing keep it simple and use relevant content. Mobile devices are here to stay so it’s time to tap into this marketing resource.

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