4 Sizzling Tips for Writing Smoking Hot Sales E-mails

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4 Sizzling Tips for Writing Smoking Hot Sales E-mails

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If you read our last blog (now is your chance if you didn’t) about how E-mail is Alive, then you understand that e-mail is still an effective sales and marketing tool, even in the new age of social media. If you grasp this concept then you can understand the usefulness of knowing how to write a successful sales e-mail.

1. Be Brief and Concise

We live in a short attention span society with a multitude of things screaming, blinking, buzzing, and pulling for our attention. Try to keep your e-mail less than 100 words so the prospective customer can glance it over and understand who and what your company is and does, how you understand their problem and can help, and that this is an invitation to talk in person.

Make it easy on the eyes too. Use short paragraphs, 3 to 4 sentences.

2. Customize to Your Client

This e-mail is about them not you, so customize your e-mail for your customer. For starters, use your prospect’s first name in the subject line. This is a personal approach that opens people up.

Use the first few lines to deal with their specific needs and to show your value to them.

3. Use Questions?

Use questions? Yes, use questions. Statements are easy for people to dismiss. For example:

“Our products are 35% more efficient than our closest competitors.”

This simply doesn’t resonate and people often aren’t impressed.

Questions are more engaging and show that you can relate to their needs. For example:

“Are you frustrated with the efficiency of your furnace?” or “Are you spending a fortune on heating this winter?”

4. Call to Action/Response

What good is a sales e-mail if you don’t leave the door open? You need to set it up so there is action required on the customer’s end. At the end of your e-mail invite them to have a phone conversation or set up an appointment. Give them some sort of follow up option.

If you aren’t having that much success with your sales e-mails try these approaches and hopefully your sales will jump through the roof. Remember: it’s about your prospective customer and how you can help them.

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