5 Secrets to Effective Business Blogging

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August 22, 2014
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5 Secrets to Effective Business Blogging

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Chances are if you are running your own business, or managing one, you are ‘crazy’ busy. Writing and posting a blog seems like a big time commitment. You wonder if it’s even worth the time and effort. Well, here’s some food for thought: Ever hear of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Every time you post a blog you are posting another web page and that specific search is an opportunity to bring someone to your website. The more you blog the more opportunities you have for potential clients to find you. So, maybe you better blog! The following are some tips to increase the effectiveness of your blogs.

1) Quality, Quality, Quality

See the pattern here? Without quality your content, no matter how much, your blog is worthless. Even worse, bad content shoots down your credibility, which is one of the things you should be trying to establish with your blog. In this day and age, less is more. Be brief and concise, and be thorough—while being as concise as possible-when it is necessary to explain something, such as a process. Perhaps your business makes tongue and groove flooring and you do it in such a way that sets you apart from the pack, explain this, but don’t be boring. Keep your content relevant and understand your audience: who are you writing to/for? Always keep in mind what the goal of your blog is: getting more people to know about your business!

2) How Often and How Much?

When you are first getting started, or perhaps you haven’t been consistent with your blogging, you wonder how often you should blog, and how much content do you include? Well, how often do you want potential clients to think about you? Often, right? Then blog often. Perhaps, as you are getting started, shoot for a minimum of twice a week for six months. After this time you will have established a solid routine and hopefully streamlined the process.  As far as how much content, remember quality, quality, quality? Write relevant content. Most readers will hang in there for a page or less, more if its riveting material. You can portray a lot of info in only 250 to 500 words: short and sweet!

3) Social Media: Be Connected!

This one sounds like a no brainer. So… why aren’t you doing it? Once you have established your blog you want potential clients reading it, otherwise what is the point? Social media is a fantastic way for people to find you other than a search engine. By linking your blog to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you increase your chances of new clients coming to you from the vines of social media. Be sure to optimize your blog for social media, such as social sharing and social following buttons which easily expands the reach of your blog to potential clients.

4) Catchy Titles: Sell the Sizzle!

‘Exploring the effectiveness of blogging in a market setting’ wasn’t my first choice for this blog title. It sounds like the title to a scholarly journal. You want a catchy title that will get you clicks. Just like your content, keep it simple, brief and concise. Use keywords in your title to increase your SEO potential. For example, you are a personal trainer and blog about the health benefits of walking, Fitness Walking: Walking the Weight Off. The bonus here is that when you update older posts you can flip the titles to some other catchy title and magically: new hits to an old post!

5) Update Older Blogs

Once you have a barn full of blogs—six months of at least twice a week–you can begin updating the content of older bogs. This may sound like a daunting task, so maybe just update the popular ones first. Look at your blog analytics, find the popular ones and spruce them up a bit with newer content. It’s your ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation!

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