7 Essential Tips for Writing Effective Facebook Posts

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7 Essential Tips for Writing Effective Facebook Posts

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Ok, great, you have a Facebook page for your business but business hasn’t increased. You post once every couple of weeks or so and you just aren’t getting the hits you want. Where are the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, somebody please ‘comment!’ Are you feeling Facebook isolated?

Well, fret no more! Here are 7 essential tips for writing Facebook posts that will get likes, shares, and comments, and even more importantly people talking about your business.

1.      Keep it short and simple.

Being brief and concise is key. Facebook users typically scan, not read posts. The longer the post the less likely people are to like to comment on it. According to Buddy Media, posts with 40 or less characters receive an 86% higher engagement rate!

 Simple posts, such as a single photo or a few words, or a combo of the two are more effective for retailers than complicated posts. Buddy Media research shows that status only posts receive 94% higher engagement rates than complicated posts.

2.      Know your audience.

Who are you writing to? Who is your clientele! Discuss topics that your clientele is interested in—ask questions to find out what their interests are. Write as though you are talking to one person, since that’s how posts are read. Use personal pronouns and contractions and write with a friendly, inviting tone.

3.      Interaction

The lure of Facebook is that it is interactive, so be interactive! Tell your followers to do something. Ask them to like, comment, share. Calls to action such as ‘Like if you agree’ or ‘Share to enter’ will drive more fans to your posts.

Ask them questions. People are far more likely to comment on a post if you pose a question to them. Ask a direct question and ask for an answer. Be brief and concise with your questions.

Respond to them. Follow up on your posts and your questions. Show your customers they matter and what they think matters. If they ask for a photo or a video of something related to your business or post, then do it!

Be interactive!

4.      Use an eye grabbing image.

We are visual creatures. As you scan along your newsfeed while on Facebook images grab your attention more than words, right? Select eye-catching photos and make sure your photos are still eye-catching in smaller versions as the size is typically reduced once posted.

5.      Variety is the spice of life.

Keep your posts varied. Don’t use the same format all the time and vary your content. For example, you may just post a single word status update, then your next post maybe a single photo with a few words, while the next posts is a link to an article that promotes your product or service. Keep it fresh for your followers and yourself!

6.      Add links to your posts.

Adding links can help drive more followers to your page. However, make sure that it is quality content that boosts your business—at least scan over the linked article first. Also, try not to use URL shorteners, most people want to know where they are being taken, so copy and paste the URL to your post. Engagement rates are three times higher for posts that use the full URL!

7.      Timing your posts.

 You have probably heard that timing is everything. This holds true in the Facebook world too!

Weekend posts have higher engagement rates than posts written during the weekdays. Posts written after business hours are viewed more than during the work day. Post 1 to 4 times a week, or more! Posting 1 to 2 times a day increases your engagement rate over 40%!

If you are still a bit unsure of your ability to write effective Facebook posts, no worries, we can help. Contact us at RPM today and inquire about our Facebook Management plans and drive more customers to your business.

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