October 10, 2014
100% original

Using Original Written Content as a Marketing Weapon

People like original. They like new, catchy, witty, and hate boring titles and drawn out paragraphs that make them lose interest. 58% of marketers say that original written content is more important than YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook activity. But coming up with something original can be tricky, especially when it comes to the vast world of blogging. With so many writers out there, isn’t it impossible to create original content? Nope! The hardest thing is really just getting started. Sometimes I just stare at a blank monitor for twenty minutes, waiting for something to magically appear–but it doesn’t. So what now? 1.) Get to Know Your Audience To get started, you must get to know your audience. A few ways you can identify your audience would be by: -Asking the reader for feedback -Sending out surveys -Hanging out with your target audience by going to networking events and conferences -Reading […]
October 9, 2014
digital media

Using Visual Assets to your Advantage

People are always drawn to images more than writing, so visuals play a huge role in social media marketing. 70% of marketers plan on increasing their use of original visual assets this year because of the promise of visual strategy. When people see a great visual, the likelihood that they will share, like, or retweet the image dramatically increases. A simple formula to remember is this: more content = more traffic.  The first step in using visual images would be to create content that is original. This can be tricky, but what you want to avoid is someone thinking, ‘eh, I’ve seen this before.’ Creating original content is key when it comes to using a visual strategy. A few foundations ideas for coming up with original content would include: How To’s Tips Checklists Quotes Going off these foundation ideas, you can create original images relating to your business. It is helpful […]
October 8, 2014

Using Social Media as a Marketing Medium

Social media drives traffic by directing people to blogs and websites. People buy products and soon become evangelists for that company without even knowing it. Many businesses have made it extremely easy to share their blog posts, articles, or a direct link to their product on their website by using a share bar. Sharing a funny article or sweet deal becomes easier than tying your shoe with just a few clicks. This share-ability generates more traffic and increased exposure for any business. Social mediums like Facebook and Twitter can boost any businesses’ sales, but social media also presents the struggle of staying relevant while embracing two-way communication. Both Facebook and Twitter have made it more difficult to get an edge in the social media marketing marathon.  In December, Facebook tweaked the newsfeed, making it more difficult for users with a lot of followers to get their posts seen. Twitter also […]
October 7, 2014
mobile devices

Social Media Marketing & Beyond

Social media drives traffic by directing people to blogs and websites. People buy products and become walking marketers without even knowing it. But how do you best use social media to drive traffic? How do you attract customers to your page and keep them attracted? In this series of blogs, you will learn tips and tricks on using social media as a marketing medium, using visual assets to your advantage, using original written content as a marketing weapon, using Google+ to make your business stand out, using podcasts to create super fans, tips for Twitter, and finally on becoming friends with Facebook.