September 5, 2014
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E-Mail is Still Alive! E-mail as a Marketing Tool

Some would argue that e-mail is a more powerful marketing tool than social media. Fresh faced, still wet behind the ear marketing graduates will say that’s absurd and that social media is where it’s at. Well, those that truly know marketing would say they are both right. Why would you limit yourself to one marketing strategy? In this day and age of social media does e-mail still have any validity in marketing your business? In most cases it does. 1. No One is Reading Your Social Media Updates Where are my Tweeters? Where are all the likes and shares I am supposed to be getting on my Facebook profile? If you have 1000 followers how many of them actually read any specific update you post…maybe a hundred? But if you e-mail 2,000 of your customers, even if they don’t open it, most of them will see the e-mail and think […]
August 22, 2014
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3 Golden Tips to Using Your Facebook Profile to Increase Your Business

Do you feel like your business Facebook profile isn’t getting noticed? No comments, likes, or shares? Hello, where is everybody? You are not alone on these feelings of neglect. Just having a Facebook profile doesn’t guarantee anything. Just like no social media site is the Holy Grail. However, here are some tips to use your personal Facebook profile to boost your business. First off, if you want to keep your business and personal profiles separate, then adjust your settings so that the causal networker can’t creep on your swimsuit photos from your trip to Puerto Viejo (if you really are that concerned about privacy then would you even have a Facebook page, right?). So then why consider mixing your personal and business profiles? For starters, people are typically more interesting, such as the things you are doing and posting on your personal profile, than your business profile posts. Secondly, people who already […]
August 1, 2014
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5 Secrets to Effective Business Blogging

Chances are if you are running your own business, or managing one, you are ‘crazy’ busy. Writing and posting a blog seems like a big time commitment. You wonder if it’s even worth the time and effort. Well, here’s some food for thought: Ever hear of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Every time you post a blog you are posting another web page and that specific search is an opportunity to bring someone to your website. The more you blog the more opportunities you have for potential clients to find you. So, maybe you better blog! The following are some tips to increase the effectiveness of your blogs. 1) Quality, Quality, Quality See the pattern here? Without quality your content, no matter how much, your blog is worthless. Even worse, bad content shoots down your credibility, which is one of the things you should be trying to establish with your blog. […]