November 29, 2016
Facebook picture sizes

Facebook Photo Guide

Facebook is constantly changing and can be difficult to navigate at times. When it comes to adding photos on Facebook, you may need some help. RPM Online Solutions wants to provide you with the help you need by giving you some information and tips! We’ll provide dimensions as a “size guide” to help you choose photos to add for your cover photo, profile picture, etc. Whether it’s for your personal Facebook profile, or for your business, these tips apply all around. Profile Picture Your profile picture is the square found overlapping the cover photo on the bottom left hand corner of it. When choosing an image, you’re required to upload one that’s at least 180px by 180px. It’s displayed as 160px by 160px with a white border that can not be removed. If you choose a photo that’s not square, you have the option to choose which part of the photo you’d […]
November 29, 2016

Blogging With Consistency

Blogging with consistency Curious about what it would be like to own a siamese cat? Want to learn how to change your car’s oil? There’s a good chance there’s a blog written about it! With blogging, you can post immediately and for free. If you want to start a blog, you should know some general information and strategies. Blogging is a great opportunity to become a thought leader in your industry. First of all, you have the power to move people! Your audience should constantly be informed, enlightened and inspired. Blogging consistently is the key. You need to figure out how often to post and set a minimum posting goal. You should have a 1 post a week minimum. Some bloggers post 7 days a week, but we wouldn’t recommend doing so. Overwhelming yourself and your readers is never a good idea. When it comes to blogging, consistency is much more important than […]
November 29, 2016

Instagram: How To Snap And Share

  If you’re not familiar with Instagram, now’s the time to get informed. Since being bought by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, Instagram has grown into an even more booming social media app. In fact, Instagram’s stat page lists there are more than 2.5 billion likes daily! So, how do you use this app? We’ve put together a guide on how to understand the basics of Instagram. Let’s get started. Create An Account You must download the app onto a mobile device to create an account and access all the features of Instagram. You can download it for free from the Apple App store or the Google Play store. Next, you have to sign up for an account. There aren’t business-specific accounts, so all accounts are set up the same whether the account is for personal use or not. Once the app is downloaded, choose to “sign up.” You […]
November 29, 2016
dollars for twitter

Negative Consequences Of Buying Followers

  Do not buy followers. Listening to this advice can save your integrity; ignoring this advice has some very negative consequences. The most important reason why you should not buy followers is because numbers do not matter. What matters is how many people engage with you. Followers who have to be bought or exchanged have no interest in what your company has to offer. Isn’t the point of having a social media account to increase traffic to your website or business to increase profit? Fake followers and bots are just numbers on your follower list, nothing more than that.  How do you buy followers? There are plenty of websites out there willing to offer this service for cheap-and it does work! But, like stated earlier, it’s not worth it. You could increase your number of followers exponentially by following a large number one day, and then unfollowing those who don’t follow […]