February 27, 2015
facebook likes

How to Turn “Likes” into Paying Customers

It’s great to have a large number of facebook “likes” or “fans.” Of course it feels good when you have lots of fans and it seems like there’s a big interest in your company. But are all of those “likes” contributing to your bottom line? That’s actually a tricky question because first you have to be able to tell whether those people are being converted to paying customers, and secondly, how to do it effectively. While not the subject of this article, RPM can also help you determine the effectiveness of your social media efforts. We can think of a successful Facebook campaign as a series of 4 actions. Keep in mind that these steps are cyclical. When you finish up with the follow-up phase, you’ll cycle right back to the core phase and start again. These are the 4 phases: Core Phase Build-up Phase Promotion Phase Follow-up Phase Core Phase: This […]
February 20, 2015

Show Up Early. And Often

Common wisdom says that as marketers, we should try to reach as many people as possible. It’s safe to say though, that 90 year old Aunt Mable probably isn’t too concerned with the latest energy drink to hit the shelves. So perhaps it makes sense to take a more surgical approach. Enter Drip Feeding. Drip Feed marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Produce and distribute little bits of highly specific material on a steady, regular basis. When your readers know that you’ll be providing them with content they want on a regular basis, you’ll keep them coming back week after week. This strategy takes a two pronged approach. The basic idea is that you want to use social media in combination with your own platform such as a website or blog. Social media will help to get your initial message out and gain followers. Your website or blog is […]
February 13, 2015
driving the mouse

5 Tips To Help Drive Your Web Traffic

It’s a jungle out there. Today, millions of blogs exist on a wide range of subjects. Want to learn about organic hobby farming? A 3 day potty training crash course for the little one? There’s a blog, or 50, for you. So lets take a look at how to make sure your content reaches it’s target audience. 60% won’t read past your headline Recent research has shown that 60% of people don’t read past headlines when scanning their news feeds and social media. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if it doesn’t get read. It seems like every headline looks similar these days, and that may be true, but it’s not without reason. YOU NEED TO GET YOUR READERS ATTENTION, and there are some proven ways to do this. Most of the articles that are in your news feed right now have titles with forceful words that help grab attention. […]
February 6, 2015
content is kingpin

How to Use Content Marketing to Become Dominant

Creating a business model is essential when creating a business. You want to become the leading expert! How can you do this? There’s 3 simple tools: Events: What’s happening in our business world? Magazine: Content? Consulting: Education, training and advisory. Taking the concepts and turning them into something understandable is more beneficial for the business. You want people to be able to relate, right? How can someone do that if you aren’t even following your own advice? Your business should hold out to the same standards as you would expect your readers to want. Keep in mind, what you know is different than what your audience cares about. There is a line between leader vs expert. Are you leading your readers/audience and helping them understand a topic/subject, or are you talking straight expertise with no thought on how your audience is interpreting it. Think about this:       Core Target Audience     […]