Blogging With Consistency

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Blogging With Consistency


Blogging with consistency

Curious about what it would be like to own a siamese cat? Want to learn how to change your car’s oil? There’s a good chance there’s a blog written about it! With blogging, you can post immediately and for free. If you want to start a blog, you should know some general information and strategies.

Blogging is a great opportunity to become a thought leader in your industry.

First of all, you have the power to move people! Your audience should constantly be informed, enlightened and inspired.

Blogging consistently is the key. You need to figure out how often to post and set a minimum posting goal. You should have a 1 post a week minimum. Some bloggers post 7 days a week, but we wouldn’t recommend doing so. Overwhelming yourself and your readers is never a good idea. When it comes to blogging, consistency is much more important than frequency. Blogging 2-5 days a week is a good target. Whatever you choose, stick to it. Your audience will be waiting for you and you don’t want them to be disappointed.

It’s best to become organized as soon as you can.

Focus on your why. Why are you blogging? Why is it important? Why do you need to stay motivated? Develop strategies to keep you from quitting and get mapped out ahead of time on how you will reach your goal. When it comes to coming up with new, fresh and creative ideas it’s best to keep a list, and add to it when you think of more ideas. These ideas can come from television, books, podcasts, and other people. If you need even more ideas, create a blog asking for some. Make sure to keep these ideas all in one place whether it’s in a notebook or on a device.

Next, you need to create a blogging workflow. This will help guide you as you turn your idea into a published blog post. A blogging workflow can look like this:

  1. Choose what to write about

  2. Research

  3. Write a rough draft

  4. Edit the rough draft

  5. Insert relevant links

  6. Insert an image

  7. Publish the draft

  8. Proof-read the draft

  9. Tweek

  10. Schedule for publication

  11. Schedule a post on social media about blog

Anyone can blog, but it takes practice to do it well.

It helps to subscribe to writing blogs to learn tips and strategies to write better. It takes time, commitment and discipline to blog. You need to make it a priority. We all have 24 hours in a day to make choices; choose to be a dedicated blogger.

Aside from external benefits, blogging has some internal benefits as well. It causes you to dig deeper within your soul and find your voice. You have the tools to help the world, stay knowledgeable, and to jumpstart your career! If you need some help or additional tips, contact Our friendly staff would love to help you get started. Happy blogging!

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