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Facebook Photo Guide

Facebook picture sizes

Facebook is constantly changing and can be difficult to navigate at times. When it comes to adding photos on Facebook, you may need some help. RPM Online Solutions wants to provide you with the help you need by giving you some information and tips! We’ll provide dimensions as a “size guide” to help you choose photos to add for your cover photo, profile picture, etc. Whether it’s for your personal Facebook profile, or for your business, these tips apply all around.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the square found overlapping the cover photo on the bottom left hand corner of it. When choosing an image, you’re required to upload one that’s at least 180px by 180px. It’s displayed as 160px by 160px with a white border that can not be removed. If you choose a photo that’s not square, you have the option to choose which part of the photo you’d like as your profile picture. Simply hover over the profile picture box, click on the location where your photo can be found, choose your image and move the box to reposition. When you comment or post, your profile picture is displayed as 32px by 32px.

Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is the large rectangular space at the top of your timeline. You have to choose an image for it at least 399px wide, but the image is displayed as 851px wide by 315px high. If you don’t have a photo already resized, you can upload a larger image and choose which part of it you’d like shown. If you want to be creative and create a collage on a separate program to upload, feel free. You can change your cover photo anytime you want! Also, you can reposition or remove the cover photo if you choose to. A gray, semi-transparent gradient is found overlapping the bottom of the cover photo. This gradient makes it easy to see the page name, page type, and admin boxes.

Shared Link Thumbnails

If you decide to share a link, the thumbnail images vary in sizes. The largest thumbnails are 470px by 246px. Some boxes are just 155px wide or 114px high. If you want to, you can choose a different photo to upload in place of the recommended photo.

Uploading Photos To Your Timeline

When you upload one photo, it shows up in a box 470px by 470 px. A horizontal image will also be 470px long. White space may show up to the right of the image but depends on the aspect ratio of your original photos.How photos are displayed depends on how many you’re uploading and the first image you chose to upload.

We hope this guide was helpful! Check out some of our other blogs for other useful information.

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