A Guide to Blogging: The Family Tree

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January 2, 2015
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A Guide to Blogging: The Family Tree

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To create a successful blog, it is hugely (yes I said hugely) important to look at the layers that eventually branch out. The easiest way to look at this is to look at it like a family tree.

Top of the Tree: Core  

In a family tree, the person at the top is usually the one who started the family. So, when we take a look at the blogging family tree, we see that

core is at the top. The core to your blog is the most important part. What are you writing about? Make the topic clear. You can’t create a blog without the core – you base everything around this.

Branches of the Tree: Content and Facts

Okay, now if a tree didn’t have branches, it would be a stick. So obviously the branches are pretty important. Content and Facts create these branches that help to protect the core. By creating content that relates directly to the core, you will keep the content rich and relatable. The facts that you include must be reliable. This will increase your amount of shares.

The roots of the Tree: Does it look good? Is it sharable? Can People Relate? Is it relevant?

These 4 things that tie together the roots of the tree may not seem so important, but they are essential to maintaining the branches and core of your blog. When it comes down to the bottom of it, people will like your blog based on its looks and whether it attracted them or not. If people can relate to the info/topic or find it relevant they will be more likely to share it.

The roots are the part of the tree that branch out to other roots and start the process all over again. By following this simple family tree, you will find yourself creating richer and better blogs.

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