It’s Now Or Never: Write Your First Blog Post

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It’s Now Or Never: Write Your First Blog Post

now or never


If you’re still unfamiliar with what blogging is…take a moment to hide under a rock right now. Just kidding of course! But, seriously type anything into google and you’re sure to see thousands of blog posts. You need to get started on a blog for your business right now! If you’re wondering where to start, and how to write a great first post, we’re here for you!

Appeal To Your Audience

You need to figure out who your audience is before moving forward. After you determine this, do some research and search the web for blogs in the same industry. Look to see if the blogs are getting engagement and what successful blogs are doing. Are people commenting and sharing the blogs? If so, that’s a good sign. See what readers are interested in and what has already been done.

Brainstorm Einstein Thoughts

Start thinking about a topic for your first blog post. Don’t settle for something just eh. Right off the bat, go for unique and original! Start writing all your ideas and thoughts down on a notepad or onto a word document. After you’ve brainstormed a list, go through the list and mark the ideas you think might work! Next, pick one off the list or keep brainstorming!

Outline Your Bright Ideas

Start organizing your thoughts into an outline. Write a topic sentence and a description of what you want to do and accomplish. Jot some thoughts of what you’d like in the intro, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

Let The Words Flow

Alright, start writing! You’ll want to try to write around 1,750 words so when you edit later you have the freedom to cut words. (A blog with 1,500 words is the best!) Don’t linger on grammar and spelling errors, just keep writing! Keep in mind your intro should be compelling and informative. Make it relatable and easy for a reader to understand. Let it be an easy transition from the intro to the nitty-gritty of the body paragraphs. In the body, add detail about your topic. Most blogs have three main paragraphs. Next, it’s time for your conclusion! Summarize your main points and ask readers to comment on your blog and share it!

Get Rid Of The Garbage

Edit, edit, edit, edit. Fix spelling errors and throw out the “trash” including run-on sentences and useless information. Read your blog post out loud and have others look it over. Make changes as necessary and link to other blogs or articles. Add images, quotes, statistics, etc. Make it as professional as possible!

It’s Time

Schedule a time for your blog to post for the whole world to see! (No pressure or anything!) Promote your blog post on Facebook and other social media apps! You got this; have confidence!

Are you ready to start writing your first blog post? It’s now or never-get to it! RPM Online Solutions is rooting for you! For help getting started, contact us! Visit for more information or give us a call at 218-384-1218!

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