How to Make Pinterest Not So Piddly

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October 16, 2014
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How to Make Pinterest Not So Piddly


You may sit in front of your computer staring at the monitor, gazing at that wonderfully curly “P” that is the emblem of Pinterest, and wonder how you’ll ever be able to use this vast, beautiful site of colorful photos and thousands of pinners to get your business more traffic.

It may seem overwhelming to begin the task of using any social media site to try get more traffic and exposure for your business, but don’t lose heart just yet. Here are three ways on how to grow your business through Pinterest

#1.) Create a Presence

Many businesses want to create a brand authority, and Pinterest is a great tool for doing just that. One way to create a presence is by only pinning the most accurate and useful pins from a combination of other authoritative brands and sources.

You don’t have to use all original pins either, so don’t be afraid to re-pin things: just make sure that the information you are pinning is accurate and helpful. For example, share pins that show steps, how-to’s, diy’s, etc. This way, pinners will look to you as a go-to account for reliable and helpful information.

Pinning like this will increase your authority and build trust with your followers. This increased trust could lead to more loyalty from customers and referrals from brands you are pinning.

#2.) Grow Your Audience Size

Getting more followers is a major goal for your business because it will increase exposure and traffic. A way to increase this exposure is by building your Pinterest community with Group Boards.

When you collaborate with other pinners who have a large amount of followers, you will increase the exposure of your board and content to those followers. The trick is to figure out who to collaborate with and why. Obviously if you sell coffee you shouldn’t create a group board with someone who sells shoes. Whomever you collaborate with should have a complimentary product to whatever it is you sell so that your collaboration will make sense and benefit both parties.

This approach must always be used with caution for this reason. Your followers will see what your contributors pin, which could reflect on your business. So make sure, again, that your collaboration benefits both parties and makes sense.

#3.) Direct Tons of Traffic

In order to drive more traffic and increase exposure to your boards and site, you need to pin things that will attract followers. Posting pins that are both attractive to the eye and to the mind are a win-win. But what does that look like? Remember: your pins don’t necessarily have to be taken by a professional photographer to look good or to be successful, but your pins must be useful and helpful.

Take a picture on your phone and edit it with apps like Afterlight or VSCOcam and your photo will come out looking great. But take into consideration that pictures taken on your phone have a lower quality than pictures taken with a camera.

To avoid low quality images that don’t look so hot on the computer screen, first take a picture with a normal camera and then download it to your phone for editing. This way you won’t lose quality and your photo will look just as good on your computer screen as on your phone. Other great sites for editing on your computer are PicMonkey and Ribbet.

Don’t forget text! Using clever or silly text on your photo will make it stand out. Include steps, how to’s, diy’s, and the word FREE because it will attract pinners and increase the likelihood they will repin your pins.

Drive even more traffic! Type in your site’s URL or post a link to your blog post when you pin. if people like your pin, they will click links to your site or blog.

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