Move Over PC’s…We’re Mobile!

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October 17, 2014
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Move Over PC’s…We’re Mobile!

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How many of you start your mornings by rolling over, grabbing your phone, and logging into social media? How about crawling into bed at night? Whether admitting it or not, checking social media has become a part of the daily routine.

Most of this is due to the fact that mobile devices are way more convenient than a PC or desktop – We can take our phones/ipads with us anywhere.

Research says that by 2015, more U.S internet users will use their mobile devices to access the internet rather than PC’s.

Check out these fun facts:

  • 40% of Youtube videos are viewed from mobile devices

  • 51% of emails are opened by mobile

  • 61% of all that followed a group/liked a page came from a mobile device

  • 61% of all podcasts are downloaded from a phone

  • 65% clicked FB likes are done via mobile

  • 68% of clips watched on FB are viewed from a mobile device

  • 73% of all uploaded photos are from a phone

  • 90% of shared links to blogs on twitter came from a mobile device

The change is coming quicker than thought. Laptops are becoming more of a hassle, and mobile devices are now a part of the norm.

Is going mobile all a bad thing though? There are myths that mobile devices only have a negative impact and that they are more of a distraction, especially using them while we are in a rush; while in reality, we are on our devices while waiting in lines, while we watch television, and for those who don’t like to admit it, even when we’re on the toilet. (This is actually 75% of all americans.)

It is becoming more and more typical for a person to sit down and hop right on their mobile device, whether this be for work or a personal purpose. So, as a business, wouldn’t you think it’d be important to make sure that your business is mobile accessible?!

When making your mobile site attractive to customers, you must think, “how does my audience consume my content?” Are your customers people that use apps all the time, or are they more text message savvy? This could make a huge difference in who is going to be accessing your information and if they will actually be using it. First impressions aren’t just important for people and the way they look, they are key when it comes to making a successful mobile website.

It is said that 74% of people wait only 5 seconds for a page to load before abandoning a site. This means that either the site took too long to load, or it didn’t look appealing. Remember, what you post should be “squeeze-able”, meaning that what you post should be clear, realistic, and measurable. You don’t want your page to be skimpy looking, but “squeeze” the right information and images onto your site that is attractive to mobile users.

The bigger the better! When creating a mobile site, you will want to design it for touch. The bigger the targets, the easier it will be to navigate around the site. The easier for the audience the better. So, when you’re crawling into bed tonight and scrolling through all social media sites before you turn the lights out, look at what is appealing to you and what you would want to put on your site for other people to see.

Here at RPM we create great looking mobile websites! Contact us today!

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