Negative Consequences Of Buying Followers

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November 29, 2016
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November 29, 2016
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Negative Consequences Of Buying Followers

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Do not buy followers. Listening to this advice can save your integrity; ignoring this advice has some very negative consequences. The most important reason why you should not buy followers is because numbers do not matter. What matters is how many people engage with you. Followers who have to be bought or exchanged have no interest in what your company has to offer. Isn’t the point of having a social media account to increase traffic to your website or business to increase profit? Fake followers and bots are just numbers on your follower list, nothing more than that.

 How do you buy followers? There are plenty of websites out there willing to offer this service for cheap-and it does work! But, like stated earlier, it’s not worth it. You could increase your number of followers exponentially by following a large number one day, and then unfollowing those who don’t follow you back. Then you could do this again and again. This is another way of increasing followers we highly discourage. In fact, on Twitter you could get suspended from your account for doing this.

What happens when you buy followers? You could be spamming your other followers. The last thing one of your followers wants is to receive a message asking him or her to purchase a service or product unrelated to your company. That’s one way of losing a loyal follower. Also, you could hinder your reputation. It’s easy to see who is being followed by fake accounts so you could easily be caught. Buying followers is both immoral and misleading-earn your followers! Think about it, wouldn’t you rather have 200 followers who are genuinely interested in your company than 20,000 fake followers? Remember: nothing good comes easy.

So, how do you increase followers without purchasing them? Consider purchasing an ad on Facebook, Twitter, etc.! Also, consistently post and share frequently. Provide links to your quality and informative website and to your blog! Use pictures and humor to engage your followers and encourage more to follow. Stress how much you care about people! Make them feel like they’re in the “inner circle” by following you! Lastly, respond to questions, comments and complaints promptly! All these tips should help increase your number of followers.

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