A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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March 20, 2015
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April 3, 2015
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

grab their attention

OK, so you’re posting on a regular schedule. Your content is good and you’re getting some dialogue going, so what else can you do to grab your customers attention?

You’ve heard us say before that a majority of people don’t continue to read past the first few sentences. So instead of trying to seduce with words, try a relevant photograph. Pictures don’t take any time to read so if we see a picture that’s relevant to us, it grabs our attention right away. They also tend to drive people to comment on them and as we said on our previous blog post, engaging in dialogue on social media is crucial. Anything that helps you achieve it is worth trying.

Of course, the type of pictures you post will depend on your business, but there are options for everyone. It could be a snapshot that comes from inside the company, or a stock photo from one of many online warehouses. Shutterstock and Getty Images are a couple of the higher quality sites which provide stock imagery. They’ll typically sell you an individual photo, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription.

Sometimes we just don’t have anything to say. When that happens it’s just better not to say it. Or it might just be that you’ve got a great picture to share. Either way, try using pictures as a regular part of your content production and see what the results bring.

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