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November 30, 2016
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November 30, 2016
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Search and Converse

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Search and converse online:

A while back we wrote about the importance of engaging with people on social media. It is after all, social. Hopefully after reading that article you’ve been convinced to try stimulating dialogue on your platforms. It may not happen overnight, but with a little persistence, you can start to build a community of people around your business or product.

Now, in that last post we talked specifically about Facebook, and how to craft your posts to encourage discussion. But now lets talk about how you can be even more proactive at this. Blogs. Everyone blogs. Well, not everyone but you get the point. Blogs are almost always centered on a common idea, theme, or activity which works to your advantage–It’s a whole bunch of people in one place that already share an interest with your business! Not all are created equal. Some are very good though, and have quite the community of regular posters/commenters. By getting out of your own bubble, you can tap into these other blogs as a way of creating potential customers.

Check out other peoples blogs:

Try searching out blogs that are related to your business in some way, even if only tangentially. Spend some time reading up on their posts and then jump in on the conversation. Of course you don’t want to just spam them with, “Hey look at me! Look at my business over here!” Spend some quality time reading and engaging with people and when it’s appropriate and relevant, link back to your own blog or platform. You should always try to keep it as part of the conversation, but if you think you can help or add something constructive, go for it!

Again, this is a highly specific marketing technique. Instead of throwing things at the wall to see which sticks, you’re taking a surgical approach. Of course you still want to reach as many people as possible, but make it the RIGHT ones.

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