Show Up Early. And Often

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February 13, 2015
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Show Up Early. And Often


Common wisdom says that as marketers, we should try to reach as many people as possible. It’s safe to say though, that 90 year old Aunt Mable probably isn’t too concerned with the latest energy drink to hit the shelves. So perhaps it makes sense to take a more surgical approach. Enter Drip Feeding.

Drip Feed marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Produce and distribute little bits of highly specific material on a steady, regular basis. When your readers know that you’ll be providing them with content they want on a regular basis, you’ll keep them coming back week after week.

This strategy takes a two pronged approach. The basic idea is that you want to use social media in combination with your own platform such as a website or blog. Social media will help to get your initial message out and gain followers. Your website or blog is where your social media posts should link back to as this is where you ultimately want the traffic. What you do with this traffic may be specific to your business, but by drawing readers to your own page you can engage them and keep them coming back by enabling commenting on articles.

Success isn’t always the result of a genius idea, invention, or the latest, greatest product. It simply involves having a good product or output, and being reliable…over, and over, and over again. Get yourself on a regular schedule of developing and publishing content and see what results you can get. Show up. Early, and often. As often as you can.

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