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November 7, 2014
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Social Marketing Success

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Staying up-to-date in a quickly changing world can be difficult, and although the world is changing fast, the internet world is changing even faster. Companies online are becoming more and more popular – even as popular as Grandma’s Apple Pie. People keep coming back and wanting more of what they like. To keep up with your competitors and potential/current customers, it is essential to know what marketing strategies are most effective.

  1. Trust is a must. People want to buy from people. The content that is shared on your page says a lot about your company. You need to give your clients a reason to trust you. For example, having constant rich content that is good, will accumulate a lot of shares. Having your page continually shared will show other companies and people that you are a reliable source. Sharing other sites content from their business page is another great way to become trustworthy. Figuring out what content to share and what your prospects want will allow your business to grow.

  2. Ask. And keep asking. Knowing what your readers’ enjoy will make it easier to create content that they will use in the future. The elements on your page/site are vital to obtaining readers’. Your content will vary on what type of business you are and you will quickly learn what is most effective: blog, videos, slideshows, etc. Draw people to the content and use that to grow your business. You are literally feeding your readers’, so why not feed them with things that they will enjoy?

  3. Feed Your Read. Okay, readers, but I wanted to make that one rhyme. Anyway, once you begin feeding your readers with the right information, they will digest it into useful information and share that with their friends and other businesses. Although you want this content to be relatable to your customers, you have to make it specific to your business as well. Find the “well-baked” area that has a happy medium with results in both your customers and your business. Having content that is too broad could potentially attract readers that don’t care as much about your business vs. having specific content that will attract customers who want to know about you and what you have to offer.

  4. Set Goals. Setting a goal of who you want to reach out to and what message you want to get accross will play a big role in your businesses success. Using larger audiences such as Twitter or Facebook are great for creating awareness about your business, but don’t forget to have a link your your actual business page. Your goal is to get your larger audience to your business. You can easily go right back to what content is most important and effective for reaching this goal.

Find the info and content that your audience will find valuable and use that as a strategy. Don’t forget to target your content specifically and refer others to continually get your content shared!

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