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Stay Connected Online

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Stay Connected Online

It’s kind of a recurring theme around here, that you need to constantly maintain your online presence. That’s OK, we don’t mind telling you more than once because anything this important is worth hearing again! The sense of reliability you portray online helps customers to see that you’ll provide the same level of service when it comes time to do business. It may not be true, but when customers come to expect a certain amount of interaction and content from you, they’ll think something’s up when suddenly your online activity slows down or stops.

Of course there are millions of reasons why your online presence can slow down, you’re running a business, things happen! But as we’ve said here before, if you’re serious about online marketing — and you should be — it’s important to have someone dedicated to that job. That could be an internal employee or someone like us at RPM. Then you know that this important aspect of your marketing strategy is always working like it should.

Think about different ways to stay connected!

When you’re structuring your online marketing strategy think about different ways to stay connected to it. We now live in a world connected by mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches are everywhere. It’s beneficial to have some of these tools available to the person in charge of online marketing so they can be reacting to real world events in real time online. If you’ve got a smartphone with, it’s easy to snap off a shot of something really interesting that you’d like to post online or to put up a quick post in response to a news event.

The scenarios are different for every business but the fact remains that if you’ve got an online presence you need to stay connected to it and be able to react quickly to be effective. If this all sounds like too much to handle on your own visit us at to see how we can help you.

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