Using Google+ to Make Your Business Stand Out

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October 10, 2014
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Using Google+ to Make Your Business Stand Out

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Google+ is relatively new and a lot of people don’t know how to use it to their advantage, or just don’t know how to use it period. What most people don’t know is how fast Google+ is growing and what a valuable asset it presents itself.

According to data released by GlobalWebIndex, Google+ now has 318 million active users and is still gaining huge numbers of new followers, putting it ahead of Twitter as the number two social network behind Facebook.

With so many new users, how can you make your business stand out on Google+?

#1. Build Authority and Influence using Google+ Authorship

Google+ has enhanced search result listings which enables users to identify your content. Using Authorship to create a visual tie to your work, Google+ will basically build this authority and influence for you. Authorship will increase your visibility in search results, create more authority for your content, and provide extremely valuable insights into which content receives the most attention from your readers.

In order to claim your authorship, you can either register an email from the domain you contribute to, or you can link your content with your Google+ profile.

For specific steps on how to link your profile, go to:

#2. Connect Your Business and Your Google+ page using Google+ badge

The Google+ badge is very helpful because it will link your Google+ page to your website, and users will never have to leave your site. Using the badge will increase the number of people actively following your page right from your website.

For more specific steps on how to use Google+ badge, go to:

#3. Use those Hashtags

Like on Twitter, Instagram, and now on Facebook, hashtags allow users to find other users talking about the same topics. Using hashtags will increase exposure to your Google+ page especially because they increase that exposure beyond your own followers.

Using hashtags can be tricky also, so here are some rules of thumb:

-Always use hashtags relevant to your topic

Don’t overuse hashtags. Stick with only two or three or users will think you’re spamming them.

-Keep them short

Define your tag. Use a tag directory such as to give your tag a meaning or search for existing tags.

-Make sure there are no spaces in your hashtag or it will break the link.

#4. Express Yourself Visually

Stimulating photos will drive more users to your page, making you gain more followers that keep coming back. Google+ now has bigger cover photos, so don’t wait to take advantage of a great new marketing tool. Your photo size should be 2120 pixels wide x 1192 pixels high.

Good photos are:

-Pleasing in color, texture, or text

-Thought provoking or funny

-Not too wild or distracting

With a good visual you can express your business image, showcase new products, share your location, show your customers and staff, or advertise your next event. Visual stimulus is versatile and easy to use, so don’t be afraid to go outside of the box. The possibilities are really endless if you have a good eye, good photographer, or good graphics team.

#5. Use your Google+ Page as Your Business Page

To increase exposure and followers, simply use your business page instead of your personal profile while interacting on Google+. People will be more likely to follow your business page if they see you are active with new posts and photos, etc.

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