Using Original Written Content as a Marketing Weapon

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October 9, 2014
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Using Original Written Content as a Marketing Weapon

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People like original. They like new, catchy, witty, and hate boring titles and drawn out paragraphs that make them lose interest.

58% of marketers say that original written content is more important than YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook activity. But coming up with something original can be tricky, especially when it comes to the vast world of blogging. With so many writers out there, isn’t it impossible to create original content? Nope! The hardest thing is really just getting started. Sometimes I just stare at a blank monitor for twenty minutes, waiting for something to magically appear–but it doesn’t. So what now?

1.) Get to Know Your Audience

To get started, you must get to know your audience. A few ways you can identify your audience would be by:

-Asking the reader for feedback

-Sending out surveys

-Hanging out with your target audience by going to networking events and conferences

-Reading case study reports written by competitors

If you already know your audience, get to know them better and identify them by demographics, who/what influences them, what they want/need.

2.) Get to Know Your Topic

To make sure what you’re writing hasn’t already been said, do your research. People’s BS meter will start to spike if they think you don’t know what you’re talking about, and this will ultimately destroy the number of followers visiting your site.

-Know what you want to talk about and be specific

-Research your topic thoroughly

-Create a basic outline of your topic & fill in the blank spaces

-Recheck your work

Now what hasn’t been covered? This is key: if you want to create original and unique content, write about what hasn’t been already covered by other writers.Your writing will stand out amidst a sea of other writers if you can put a spark in your reader’s interest.

3.) Get to Know Your Competitor

Being aware of your competition is just as important as being aware of your topic. Knowing what products they offer, what topics they are writing about, and staying up to date with their blog and its followers will give you an advantage over them. When you know them better than they know you, you can one-up what they have to offer.

This may sound like the dark side of being competitive, but it’s really not as long as you play clean and don’t plagiarize. It’s not always about being competitive when it comes to writing, but if you want to succeed you have to fight for a niche in the blogging world.

Get to know your competitor and one-up them by:

           -Following the competition’s product, services, and website

-Staying up to date with social media stories, drama,, news stories, etc and writing about them before your competition

-Using numerical facts & figures, anecdotes (backstory or example of your topic), quotes, and embeds to spice up your writing.

If you can write with passion about your topic and not over say what’s already been said, you’ve found yourself a nice little niche in the blogging world.

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