Using Podcasts to Create Super Fans

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October 11, 2014
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Using Podcasts to Create Super Fans

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According to a presentation by Michael Stelzner, only 6% of marketer’s podcast, but podcasting is on the rise. 28% say they want to improve their knowledge of podcasting and 33% plan on creating original audio content. Podcasting, just like writing, is a marketing weapon. but podcasting can also be tricky and become mundane. When it comes to podcasting, content is king and good content will generate more followers and keep those followers coming back.

As previously talked about in Using Original Written Content as a Marketing Weapon, you must get to know your audience, your topic, and your competitor in order to create good content. People have a short attention span and can be disinterested quickly–especially when it comes to recorded content.

One way to think about it is putting yourself in the shoes of a radio host. They know that if they are not providing valuable information or being entertaining, their listener can just switch the station. Because of this, they try to create content beforehand that won’t bore the listener.

Here are a few podcasting pointers that will make your podcasts stand out:

-Provide valuable information. Don’t just broadcast a commercial. Broadcast something inspirational, informational, something funny or something tragic–it will keep your listener listening.

-Be Dynamic. Switch up your podcasts by doing an interview, having a discussion, or some form of entertainment. Mix up the fun because people get tired of the same thing over and over.

-Remember the 3 P’s of Podcasting: Promote, Promote, Promote. Encourage your followers to listen to your podcasts by posting live links and enlisting them in podcast directories such as iTunes and, Market your podcasts just like your product.

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