Using Social Media as a Marketing Medium

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October 7, 2014
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October 9, 2014
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Using Social Media as a Marketing Medium


Social media drives traffic by directing people to blogs and websites. People buy products and soon become evangelists for that company without even knowing it.

Many businesses have made it extremely easy to share their blog posts, articles, or a direct link to their product on their website by using a share bar. Sharing a funny article or sweet deal becomes easier than tying your shoe with just a few clicks. This share-ability generates more traffic and increased exposure for any business.

Social mediums like Facebook and Twitter can boost any businesses’ sales, but social media also presents the struggle of staying relevant while embracing two-way communication. Both Facebook and Twitter have made it more difficult to get an edge in the social media marketing marathon.  In December, Facebook tweaked the newsfeed, making it more difficult for users with a lot of followers to get their posts seen. Twitter also launched a “mute” button that enables users to block tweets they don’t want to see. This allows users to still follow someone without seeing their annoying tweets and avoid the awkward “unfollow back” that lowers their number of followers. It seems Twitter has found a happy medium, but this could mean trouble for businesses.

To ensure that traffic and exposure does not decrease, every digital marketer must create content that will keep users’ interest. Here are several tips to preventing boredom:

1) Don’t always talk about yourself. Customers don’t always want to hear about how great you or your business is, so post something relating to a customer’s satisfaction or post something comical to keep your customer’s interest. People are also more likely to share something they think is funny, which creates exposure and traffic towards your page.

2) Play to your audience. Get to know your audience—age, ethnicity, and geographical location can play huge roles in the content you should post.

3) Post at the most convenient and heavily site-visited times. Fridays and evenings are the most prevalent times when people relax, pull out their phone, and check social media. These are the key time slots that should be a window for you to post and share the most out of any other time during the week.

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